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2010-10-20 12:58:22 by Hellniels

I got a nifty education at Qantm College...

Qantm College, your stepping stone into the gaming industry

It's really nice because it has a lot to offer.


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2009-12-09 10:50:55 by Hellniels

in my post before the one about the black hole and such, I explained some stuff about how the occipital lobe makes it look like there is more about the counsciousness, But there are some pretty interesting theories about it:

1: you have three states of being, unconsiousness, the preconsiousness and the consciousness. in the way they are related to each other is: if you're reading a book, you know what you are reading but to recognise it your unconsiousness gives the memories to recognise the words to the preconsciousness, the preconsciousness relates the memories with the visible words and if they match (sometimes not, like misreading and a problem like dyslexia) it sends it through towards yourself (your "ME"/ your consciousness) so you can understand what is written there.

2: your consciousness does not exist, it's merely an illusion and your unconsciousness makes that illusion.

personaly I prefer the first one.....

and now my next post is about the Piramid of needs from Maslov

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New subject: astrofysics

2009-05-16 18:22:14 by Hellniels

I like to try a new subject, to see if it's interesting enough to get some questions so I can try to answer them with all I know (because I like that).

I would like to explain how vast space actually is.....
you know the speed of light? (299999,9894 kilometer per second)
The oldest light (it's radiation) is from 5.43 milliard years ago (from the big bang) and so it theoretically is the edge of the universe.
You know black holes are imploded stars after they have burned all their "fuel".
they get to a critical mass and then collapse because of their own gravity, and pulls even light into the nothingness.

A more particularly interesting thing is a singularity; that is like black hole without the restricion of being a star and it's fundamentals are different. Now imagine it all the things (matter, time, gravity) litteraly everything into one endless compact point, so there is no "around" anymore.

If you want to know more PM me and I will post another one of this subject.

New subject: astrofysics

Now the big part of our own concioussness resides in this part of our brain.
The Frontal lobe: there resides the memories, every experience (and so our behaviour).
temporal Lobe: This one takes part in our hearing and talking.(digests al the information of our ears nad sends it to the parietal lobe).
Parietal lobe: this part takes care of our insight in numbers (math). this one also takes care of combining and digesting all the sensory information (vision, feeling and hearing).
Occipital lobe: processes the visual information it is called "The visual cortex".
Hypothesis one about this:
If you put this together you will see all you actually are is just a combination of brainparts wich creates an illusion that the consioussness is something more.
Hypothesis two: OK this is the processing place for your consioussness, (your brain has three different kinds of ways: the consioussness, the midconsioussness and the unconsioussness (or subconsioussness)) the midconsioussness this digests, all the information you get and compares it with previous moments so you can determine the way of acting.
If something isn't clear comment and I try to clear it up.

Neo Cortex; the lobes (and a little psychology)

The brain

2009-03-22 15:22:24 by Hellniels

The brain...
It's a interesting subject because we only know for 40% of wat goes really on in our brain.
I want to explain why some people can enjoy parajumping:
There is a part in your brain what is called the Hippocampus, this is the brain part that makes the stuff that makes you feel good. while some people have the connection between the hippocampus and the brainpart where the adrenalin is made there are also people that have an connection between thalamus and the hipppocampus (and there are more variations).
The first sort of person is an adrenalin junkie because when your jump out of an plane you will create adrenalin in your brain and when that's going the connection between this part and the hippocampus will cause for an very good feeling. and when you are the other kind of person you will be feeling very good when you completed an very difficult question (see scientists) and thats also because of the connection between those two parts.


2009-02-21 12:28:02 by Hellniels

Hey guys I'm trying to research the unconsiousness, in the few manifestations it is visible.
like when you sleep the dreams are a manifestation of your unconsiousness.
The idea is that the unconsiousness is located in the oldest part of the brains; The "Thalamus" and The "Hippocampus".
Important is not to underestimate the unconsiousness because it controls you in more than one way.

Note: the image is written in Dutch. little translation
frontaal kwab: frontal part
Slaapkwab: sleep part this one controls your sleep.
Wandkwab: the side part of the brain.
Achterhoofdskwab: back of the head part
Brug: the connection between your spine and brain.
Kleine hersenen: the small brains
verlengde merg: longer spine.
Limbisch system: limbisch system(inside your brain)